Maiya and the walnut tree

maiya in the walnut tree

maiya_tree_hugging“Dad can you lift me up in the tree?” Sure :) We had done this before. This is a walnut tree on a schoolyard near our house. The tree branches out into a few big trunks that form somekind of platform. Last time I made the picture in this tree (September 28, 2014) she held on tight being a bit uneased with the height. Processed in Snapseed. Previous one processed in Silver Efex Pro 2. Both shot with Ricoh GR.

Canon S95 still alive?

Here are two old pictures shot with the canon S95 in 2011. I did a new edit of both in Silver Efex Pro 2. Is the Canon S95 still alive? Ehm yes it is but at the moment it is not in use because now I shoot with the Ricoh GR and I like to only use one camera and one camera only. It has to become second nature and then there’s no more technical stuff getting in the way of shooting a good picture. Of course my phone also counts as quite a good compact that’s always there and I love it just as much. Well that’s a big fat lie! I love the Ricoh a lot more but you know what I mean.



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