Liam in Incourt – Same place different time

Here’s a photo I took in Belgium on June 26, 2005. Liam is almost 4 years old in this picture. This was shot with the Olympus C-7070 wide angle at 27mm in full frame (24x36mm) terms.

See you Incourt

This next shot was taken on July 28, 2014 in the exact same spot in Belgium.

Liam is now almost 13 years of age. I’ve shot this from memory, composition-wise, I should have taken this from a bit lower perspective but due to an injury I wasn’t able to squat down that low :) We both noticed, at the location, that there is now a new sign-pole where he was standing in 2005 so he had to move over a bit to the left. This one was shot with the Ricoh GR at 28mm.


Here’s a another one from the other side of the road just for fun.