Are You in for the updated Snapseed? You Should Be


A few weeks ago Google updated Snapseed the photo-editor for ios and android. I have always been using Snapseed on my phone to see if I could translate the image I shot into what I had in mind. Usually black and white. Snapseed is a very capable program. And now the new update has arrived. It took me a few edits to get to know the new layout and ways of working but in the end I am very happy with the update. It's a real powerful progam with many nice features like selective adjustments and non-destructive editing that gives you the possibility to go back in time without losing information. You'll find the history-button in the top menu next to the Save button. You can tell Snapseed and Silver Efex Pro are from the same family. Good stuff!

You can even go back into history and redo a certain step you took, selectively(!), with a brush tool. So if you did a vignette for example and you only want it on the top of the image, you do the vignette, go back with history, select the vignette step and touch the arrow, select the brush and brush in where you want to have the vignette. Genius! This goes for all setting steps you do!

When you save an edited image and even if you close Snapseed you can always continue editing. Just open your edited image and you will see that your history steps are still available so if you want you can always go back to your original image even after you saved it and closed the program.... How cool is that!

Latest update of Snapseed also brought back the Grunge filter and an option to save your edited image without the history in it called Export.

Here are some images taken with an Iphone 5S and edited ONLY with Snapseed. No other software was used afterwards except Photoshop to resize the images to the correct resolution for this website. Are you in for the updated Snapseed? You Should Be.



05-05-15 20 15 23

05-05-15 20 15 52

05-05-15 20 14 59

05-05-15 20 14 38

05-05-15 20 13 51


For more Snapseed edits please go to the Snapseed Projects page on this site. More to come.
You'll find more information about Snapseed here:

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