It was a rainy day at the zoo

… and my son, the young adolescent, not always happy with his father pointing a camera in his face, tried to hide using his umbrella. Too late. Never underestimate the speed of the ricoh GR. We were standing in line to order some Churros, a spanish snack covered with lots of sugar.


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Can you read my mind? … he seems to think … “Dad, please **** OFF! with that stupid thing!” and so I did … for a while … they grow up so fast … #cliché


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Why bears act the way they do


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A unique project

In Ouwehands Zoo located in Rhenen the Netherlands, there are two hectares of forest specially for bears and wolves. Visitors can walk a huge bridge high above the ground from where you can observe the animals in the forest. The man with the hat is one of the bearkeepers who was informing people about the bears and their diet and why bears act the way they do.

In the Bear Forest, brown bears which were formerly mistreated now live a carefree life. They share a two-hectare wooded plot with the wolves. The features include a waterfall, rocks and a pond. A unique project!
Source: Website Ouwehands Zoo

The Bear Forest was initiated by Ouwehands Zoo Rhenen and Alertis, the fund for bear and nature conservation.