How to make a wriststrap for your camera with Paracord

How to make a wriststrap for your camera with Paracord

I have a DSPTCH wriststrap for my camera. Great strap but a little expensive. And you know it is quite easy to make such a strap yourself with a bit of paracord (and it will cost you almost nothing). I made one and it worked so good that I now rather use my own than the original one because there’s no metal or plastic parts involved that can scratch my camera. The end result looks like the image above (the black one is homemade) and I thought I’d share with you how to make your own. So here goes.


What do we need:

  • about 2,5 / 3 meters (9 ft 10 7/64 inch) of  paracord 550 type III
  • about 60 cm (1 ft 11 5/8 inch) of paracord 100 type I
  • a sharp knife
  • a lighter
  • a pen
  • knowledge of how to make the knot (very easy) found on youtube:



Step 1:

find the middle of the (550 type III) paracord. Make a loop and measure about 30 cm from the loop. (about the length of the original DSPTCH wriststrap)


Step 2:

Start making a bracelet. Instead of using the plastic thingy you would normally use you use a pen so you create a little loop you can use later on. The first to knots are a little hard to get going (don’t loose your measurement) but after that you’ll be ok. This is what it will look like:


Step 3:

Make about 29 knots in total like the DSPTCH:


Step 4:

When you’re done with the knots cut off the excess rope and burn the ends making them flat/smooth with something metal like a knife just like in the youtube movie.


Step 5:

Now you can remove the pen and you’ll end up with something like this:


Step 6:

Now loop the long end through the loops where the pen used to be:



Step 7:

Take the short thinner piece of paracord find the middle and loop it through the big loop of the thicker cord:


Step 8:

Start making the bracelet knots with the little cord like this:



Step 9:

I did about 9 knots here, just make sure that the little loop will be big enough to get the whole strap through when you attach it to the camera. Finish with cutting the excess rope and burn and flatten/smooth like before.
And there you have it:





Easy No?