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Do you still shoot film?

No, not anymore. I used to shoot film, mostly Kodak TRI-X, develop and print myself but now it’s all digital.

What camera do you use?

Ricoh GR and Iphone 5S.

Do you shoot in black and white?

I always shoot RAW and convert to black and white. I want the most information I can possibly have before converting and so should you :)

What software do you use?

Lightroom, Photoshop, Silver Efex Pro 2, Snapseed (for Iphone)

What’s your workflow?

  • I usualy shoot RAW only (GR) or JPG (Iphone)
  • Import into Lightroom catalog
  • Develop RAW files in Lightroom export at highest quality color
  • Maybe do some adjustments in photoshop
  • Convert to black and white in Silver Efex Pro 2
  • Maybe do some adjustments in photoshop
  • Publish or not

Why Silver Efex Pro 2?

I think SEP2 is very much like working in a darkroom with a lot of great, very powerfull controls over tonality and a wonderful grain engine. In the end it doesn’t matter what software or camera you use as long as you are happy with the photo.

Why Ricoh GR?

Why not? I like this one :) It’s a small, unobstrusive camera, very light to carry around, quick, no lag, has great optics and 28mm (in 35mm terms) and the snapfocus mode! Doesn’t look like much so no one takes it serious. Perfect!

Don’t you like color?

I do but not so much for my photos. Well sometimes. I think black and white is much more powerfull.


I seriously started taking pictures when I was about 20 years old and took a two year photography course on documentary-photography. I loved it. Getting out there and taking pictures, going home, developing the film and printing in the self-built darkroom, seeing the magic happen right in front of me. Great stuff. I had a passion for black and white photography. From developing film with my own fine tuned formulas of developer solution, really getting to know the film and its reaction to the chemicals, to printing in the darkroom, all night long, selecting the best frames from the contact sheets. Printing was my thing and now in the digital age it still is:

The digital darkroom (Photoshop, Silver Efex Pro, Lightroom) brings enormous control over developing, editing and converting images, almost unimaginable in the analog age. Cost effective and also with a lot of beauty. Maybe not the same as film and paper but different in a good and expanded way…

Hardware and software

Digital Camera’s used
Ricoh GR     See Articles
Canon S95     See Articles
Olympus E-510     See Articles
Olympus C-7070     See Articles
Iphone 4S     See Articles
Iphone 5S

Analog Camera’s used before
Nikon FE2
Nikon F3hp
Konica Hexar
Leica M3

Silver Efex Pro2

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