Maiya and the walnut tree

maiya in the walnut tree

maiya_tree_hugging“Dad can you lift me up in the tree?” Sure :) We had done this before. This is a walnut tree on a schoolyard near our house. The tree branches out into a few big trunks that form somekind of platform. Last time I made the picture in this tree (September 28, 2014) she held on tight being a bit uneased with the height. Processed in Snapseed. Previous one processed in Silver Efex Pro 2. Both shot with Ricoh GR.

Cake Walk

Found this image at the local fair in Almere on a monday morning.


Exif data:  Aperture: ƒ/5.6   Camera: GR   ISO: 100   Shutter speed: 1/500s   

Cakewalk (or cake-walk) is a game played at carnivals, funfairs, and fundraising events. It is similar to a raffle and musical chairs.

Numbered squares are laid out on a path. Tickets are sold to participants, with the number of squares in the path equal to the maximum number of tickets sold. The participants walk around the path in time to music, which plays for a duration and then stops. A number is then called out, and the person standing on the square with that number wins a cake as a prize (hence the name). During the 1930s, the English poet John Betjeman described St Giles’ Fair in Oxford as follows: It is about the biggest fair in England. The whole of St Giles’ … is thick with freak shows, roundabouts, cake-walks, the whip, and the witching waves…

Rainy day in may

A few weeks ago on a rainy day in may I opened my shutter twice for a very short time.


Exif data:  Aperture: ƒ/5.6   Camera: GR   Exposure bias: -7/10EV   ISO: 100   Shutter speed: 1/2000s   


Exif data:  Aperture: ƒ/5.6   Camera: GR   Exposure bias: -1EV   ISO: 100   Shutter speed: 1/750s   

Composite = Photograph?

I don’t think so. But that’s just my humble opinion. I’ve read this article on Lightstalking: Can a Composite Really Be Called a Photograph? which represents a different opinion:

“I ask the people who think composites are not photos if the source photographs have been taken with a camera. If that is true, why shouldn’t the final image be called a photograph, as well?”

“I’m trying to understand the other side, too. I suppose people feel like that is cheating, and that would be why they devalue it.”

Dzvonko Petrovski

Of course composites can be made with photos but still I think a composite = a composite and sure it can be art or just a great image or a not so great image. I can appreciate it if it is done right and it can be amazingly beautiful, sure and I don’t think it’s cheating or feel the need to devalue it: It’s just not a photograph.


A photograph, to me, is a capture of a moment in time. Nothing more nothing less. We also call it an image. Just like we call a composite an image. A composite, to me, is a combination of several images (photographs or not) but I do not think it is a photograph.

This site has a lot of images, all photographs, moments in time. Not several moments in time, put together as one image, trying to look like one moment in time.

So there I said it. You’re welcome. — PixelToko
(and now back to photography)