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This article was updated May 26, 2015

For me the question: Digital or Analog is a no-brainer

I use most of my images in digital form: for my website or Instagram or other social media. I am not losing time developing film and digitalizing (scanning) film. I can manipulate my digital files to make them look like they were shot on film, if I want to, or at least give them the feeling and mood I want and like. Colour or Black and White? Well, for me, mostly: Black and white. But, I don’t have to make that choice because I am shooting digital RAW files. I can go either way. High ISO or low ISO? It is not written in stone. I mostly let my camera decide on the ISO and only control the absolute maximum it can use. Shot at ISO 100 but I need that Tri-X pushed to ISO 1600 feeling? No problem, I call it Silver Efex Pro.

Don’t you like film?

I absolutely love film. Always have and I’ve always shot film, developed myself and made my own prints, colour and black and white. Great stuff. I just don’t want to go back. Pixels give a certain freedom as described above and I love it. I think it is a great thing that there are still photographers who shoot film, and modern photographers, that may never have shot film, but just want to shoot it and may become addicted to shooting film and using analog film cameras. I think every serious photographer should have had the experience of shooting, developing and printing film. You will probably even more appreciate the digital workflow and the editing possibilities with modern cameras and software.


In the end all that matters is the end result: your image.

Nobody cares whether you exposed a sensor or a film or if you used a Leica or a Nikon or a Canon or a Fuji or even a Ricoh for that matter. ** How big is your sensor? ** Is it FULL-FRAME?? or only a small compact or APS-C?? What do you mean by full frame? that lousy 24x36mm?? That is only full frame for a 35mm film-camera! It does not matter. The image does. Do you like it? Are you happy with it? Does it look like you want it to look? Does it give you the same feeling you had when you pressed the shutter and envisioned that image? That is Great. That’s what matters.

Well at least … to me. So forget everything I said and do whatever you want, buy films, scan negatives, print to lovely paper, burn and dodge, breathe in chemicals, DO IT! as long as it makes you happy and gives you your finest and best end-result. The Photo.


** Inspired by Zack Arias’s video: Crop or Crap? **

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Some portraits of Liam: May 2015


Exif data:  Aperture: ƒ/2.8   Camera: GR   ISO: 2000   Shutter speed: 1/125s   


Exif data:  Aperture: ƒ/2.8   Camera: GR   ISO: 3200   Shutter speed: 1/125s   


Exif data:  Aperture: ƒ/2.8   Camera: GR   ISO: 3200   Shutter speed: 1/125s   


Exif data:  Aperture: ƒ/2.8   Camera: GR   ISO: 1600   Shutter speed: 1/125s   


Exif data:  Aperture: ƒ/2.8   Camera: GR   ISO: 800   Shutter speed: 1/125s